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At the beginning of your relationship it was perhaps just the two of you in a one-bedroom flat, with a small designer bathroom that was always nice and clean and tidy but now your lives have taken a whole new direction and your family has grown, your house is bigger, and you have two or […]

When we talk about design we often hope we don’t sound too ignorant, because we don’t really understand this world that is attractive and appealing but that is also a little intimidating to the uninitiated. After all, how many times have we found themselves confronted with innovative objects with strange and extravagant forms that sometimes fascinate us but […]

It easy to carry the label Made in Italy, handmade, created with care. It’s easy because often they are only words. In Palazzani these words take shape and become reality, something tangible and easy to check. A family story For four generations we deal with the production of taps. Through the years the machinery, processes, […]

Christmas is fast approaching, with all its special atmospheres, lights, colors and decorated trees. Christmas is a time for love and friendship expressed by gifts, so that we can amaze the people we are fond of and even spoil them a little. Milan is one of the favorite locations for Christmas shopping in Italy and in this period […]

Italians have often been at the forefront of new developments in the history of technology and this was certainly the case for taps and faucets. As we soon learn from a visit to from the Museum of the Tap the first archaeological evidence of genuine taps are “valvulae” from the Ancient Roman era. These are […]