Who we are


Palazzani family works in faucets production and sell since more than 100 years : a path long and rich of innovations, changes and successes.

The production has been enlarged : we added to faucets exclusive products of bathroom furniture, such as showers and bath, accessories for luxury bathroom, items for kitchen and private and public wellness.

Since 1905 to today there have been four generations until arriving to the actual owner, Dr. Marco Palazzani who directs the company with passion and initiative and with a vision that focuses on modernity and innovation, to hand over the reins to the upcoming generation.



Production and administrative activity of Palazzani.eu is realized in a totally integrated way, inside a wide production site in Casalmorano (Cr), that extends itself on an area of more than 36.000 mq, where there is a modern establishment of 17.000mq that has been built following the dictates of eco-architecture to reduce at minimum the environmental impact.

The establishment hosts all productive sector, that has modern systems and machineries, and also professionals in technical, commercial and marketing department: a complex and integrated structure that has been studied with a particular attention to grant welfare and safety of employees.

The site also includes a new showroom of 500 mq where it’s possible to see our whole production.

The whole production cycle is made in our establishment with modern machineries with numeric control, raw materials are carefully checked, assembly of each of our product is made through automatic or semi-automatic mounting islands.

To grant the minimum impact on the environment we have a powerful collecting system and one to purify smokes and liquids that are used in processes.


We know that the improvement of life quality and sustainable development are a shared responsibility that we all have to assume to ensure a future to the next generations.

Economical use of energy and safeguard of resources are, for our company, a real mission, that leads us through development of sustainable technologies.

OUR VISION _______

Our vision is founded on innovation, use of materials of higher quality, on functional research of what’s beautiful : all aspects that perfectly insert themselves in modern interior design.

For us “innovazione” means to satisfy dreams and anticipate needs; not only inventing stylistic, functional or new technological solutions.

Our purpose is to create a new ‘’style in living and enjoying of personal spaces’’ : in every home, a daily wellness experience.


The company boasts quality and conformity certificates of the product, released by the most renamed certification institution all over the world : this grants high quality and safety of our products and confirms the unique and exclusive value of our brand.
We are proud to represent all over the world the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’, with products for bathroom furniture that are different in a wide range of styles, models and solutions of installation to allow an unlimited project freedom, connected to water and its environments.
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